Our advisory focused on socially responsible investment covers all relevant aspects: from investment on liquid to illiquid assets and from application of excluding criteria to investment in social and environmental impact.


Investments whose objective is to generate social and environmental impact along with financial returns: Private Equity, Infrastructure, Green Bonds, Social Bonds…

Fields & Sectors

Our advisory is based on an in-house model leveraged on external ESG providers and a qualitative analysis. We articulate investments around 8 pillars and 20 themes defined according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Integration -Best In Class

We combine financial ratings with social, environmental and governance criteria to select the best companies in terms of human rights, responsible labor practices, sustainability, communities, environment, corporate governance, Integrity and fight against corruption.


Based on client guidelines: weapons, tobacco, gambling, alcohol, states that have not abolished the death penalty and do not comply with the Paris Climate Agreement…

We have developed a proprietary asset selection model where the social return goals specified by the customer are relevant at all times.

Iker Barrón

Process stages:

Identifying financial and social requirements.

Translation of said requirements into goals, in terms of profitability, risk and timeframe, combined with the sustainability goals.

Macroeconomic analysis and opportunities identified by asset and geography.

Target portfolio.

Monitoring and follow-up.

Impact report.

Besides, we also perform independent and specialized advisory on global assets, as a complement and supervision of traditional private banking.

Iker Barrón


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