Portocolom Asesores EAF was founded in 2008 to meet the needs of families, institutions and investors facing the task of choosing the best financial decisions for them, aligning their investments with their purpose, while ensuring independence and cost efficacy.
We are specialized in consultancy, design and monitoring sustainable portfolios, encompassing all kinds of assets and subjects, from Socially Responsible Investment (SRI- Application of excluding criteria), including the analysis and integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, to the traditional financial analysis and Impact Investment (which involves assets aimed at social innovation, coupling the return on investment with a social or environmental return, hence requiring a longer investment timeframe.)


On social responsibility

When counseling on socially responsible investments, our focus covers all relevant aspects: from investment on liquid to illiquid assets and from application of excluding criteria to investment in social and environmental impact.

In brief, we strive to align the investments of our customers with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identifying social and environmental goals among the investment opportunities present in a certain country, business sector or type of assets.

Iker Barrón

Why Portocolom

The evolution of the investment management industry -and the growing opportunities for sustainable investment- is enabling us to tackle our customers’ concerns. It is not only possible to align financial and social goals; it is measurable, in fact: we customize and measure the effect of a given investment upon improving society as a whole or those sectors of special interest for the investor.

The team

Focused on a comprehensive service to our clients around: Needs – Social objectives and level of impact pursued – Most suitable investment vehicles – Portfolio Management – Risk Management –– Impact measurement and reporting – Strategic coordination between investment and philanthropy – Detection of financial and social trends.

The know-how

Not only in the detection of opportunities but in the detection of risks that go beyond the financial ones: Greenwashing – Accidental Impact – Measurement that motivates vs measurement that strangles – New actors, new trends…

The commitment

We strongly believe that you can obtain a financial return by doing things right. And in addition, the type and depth of impact achieved can be measured and managed.



Portocolom Asesores EAF is the group of individuals constituting the team and their customers.